Look for a girl who lives in Europe or America for marriage


I am 35 years old. I live in Saudi Arabia and was born there. I am from Yemen. I entered this site in order to get married, not a temporary marriage. I want a permanent marriage full of love, respect and understanding. And be close to my age or a little younger. I want a girl who lives in Canada, America or Europe. I do not care about some thinking that I might want to marry so that I can only travel. Who think about this thing do not send me Ill believe you say. It is true that I wish, like any young man, that I travel to one of these countries. But I also wish to have a good marriage that lasts the whole age. If you want to know my position, I will wait for your message and hope that we will agree with each other. It is not a shame to think about traveling, but it is a shame to play with your feelings and make you love me and then leave. Also, it is my first marriage and I have not married before. I apologize for the delay and if you are ready to accept me I will welcome you

I am 35 years old I live in Saudi Arabia and was born there I am from Yemen I entered this site in order to get married not a temporary marriage I want a permanen
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